Reduction of Hospitalizations

ESRD patients have a large burden of disease, with high rates of readmission/emergency room (ER) visits to hospital compared with the general population. A proportion of unplanned readmissions/ER visits are potentially avoidable and could have been prevented with optimized transitional care. Readmissions pose financial cost to the healthcare system and emotional cost to patients and caregivers. An ESRD patient’s follow-up in the outpatient dialysis facility provides an opportunity to improve transitional care at the time of discharge.

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Tools and Resources

Missed Treatment Workbook

This workbook uses several interactive modules to help educate patients on the importance of not missing dialysis treatments and what could happen if they do miss treatments.

Dialysis unit to Hospital Transfer Summary and Hospital to Dialysis unit Transfer Summary

These transfer summaries can be utilized to help improve the communication between hospitals and dialysis facilities as well as improving the continuity of care. The transfer summaries will make for a safe transition of care between the hospitals and dialysis centers.

Fluid Management and Control for Kidney Disease Patients on Dialysis

We know fluid management is one of the most difficult challenges for patients. This video talks about how dialysis patients can manage their fluid intake.

Kidney International and the International Society of Nephrology

This infographic helps to give a visual of the risk to dialysis patients when contracting COVID- 19 and the importance of this vulnerable population receiving the vaccination.

Protecting the Vulnerable: The Urgent Need to Vaccinate Dialysis Patients against Covid-19