Qsource ESRD Networks

Qsource ESRD Networks work within Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska to assist both dialysis patients and dialysis facilities to achieve better outcomes in the treatment of kidney disease and improve quality of life for Medicare beneficiaries with end-stage renal disease.

Network 10
Patient Toll-Free Number

(800) 456-6919

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Network 12
Patient Toll-Free Number

(800) 444-9965

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Support for Providers

Qsource ESRD Networks act in partnership with nearly 700 Medicare-certified dialysis facilities or services and more than 20 transplant centers. Through collaboration with this stakeholder community, we strive to assist dialysis providers in their efforts to improve quality of care and quality of life for nearly 60,000 ESRD patients.

We provide support for:


Support for Patients

We work closely with both renal patients and dialysis facilities to make care better so people with kidney disease can live their best lives. We do this by helping you:

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