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Nephrology Roundtable Discussion Webinar 

Learn more about ways to improve the kidney disease experience for ESRD patients. This discussion was led by a panel of Nephrologists who serve on our Network Boards and Community Coalitions.

Vaccination Webinar

Listen as Dr. Marie Philipneri talks about COVID, Influenza and Pneumonia vaccines and their importance, as well as vaccine adherence. This webinar provides tools to help you continue to educate patients and staff on the importance of vaccinations.

Decreasing Hemodialysis Catheter Infections and Peritonitis

Learn more about ways to prevent dialysis access infections from occurring, as well as proper care that should be taken with the dialysis access.

Anemia Management Webinar

Learn how to manage anemia and reduce blood transfusion rates for patients in long-term care.

The Possibilities of Dialysis in a Nursing Home Setting

Learn more about the advantages of onsite dialysis from a skilled nursing facility and patient perspective in this webinar from Qsource ESRD Networks.