The Network continues to recommend that you use CROWNWeb and EQRS to ensure your data is submitted by the end of the month.  Each facility’s individual report will be emailed to the persons identified in CROWNWeb Personnel as Facility Administrator, Facility Manager, Facility Representative, Facility Primary Contact, Facility Head Nurse/Nurse Supervisor, and Facility CROWNWeb Data Contact. Keeping your personnel records accurate ensures that your clinic will receive this important report

What’s on Vascular Access Feedback Report

  • Page 1 of this report provides summary data from your facility and provides comparison to the state, the Network, and the nation.
  • Page 2 displays graphs of reporting rates, AVF usage, and LTC usage across time.
  • Page 3 provides the raw data used in report.
  • Page 4 (may be blank for many units) displays any missing data for current clinical month.

NEWstarting on Page 4 for most facilities will be a list of CROWNWeb Catheter Patients. This list could give focus to your efforts providing education and moving the individual patient to a permanent vascular access.

The Network would also welcome your validation that the list of Long-Term Catheter Patients is accurate.  We have been made aware that the electronic medical record systems that feed CROWNWeb through Batch may not be refreshed with the patient’s current vascular access in use.

Action Requested by the Last Day of the Month

Page 4 is VERY IMPORTANT – if there is something reported as “missing”, this is your opportunity to submit the missing the patient level access data through CROWNWeb before the clinical month closes. This section appears under the heading of “Patients Missing/Non-submitted Vascular Access Information”, but it will only be present if CROWNWeb thinks there is something not submitted for a patient. Working through CROWNWeb to double-check the patient’s data submission would be recommended.

This feedback report is being distributed to individuals listed in CROWNWeb Personnel. Please remember to keep the Personnel listing in CROWNWeb up-to-date to ensure these reports continue to reach the correct people.  See the salutation above for a list of “job codes” identified for the distribution of these feedback reports.  When you make changes in CROWNWeb Personnel, it may take up to two weeks for our systems to automatically update.

How Can I Use this Report to Improve Outcomes at My Clinic?

  • Forward this feedback report to others in your facility that has an interest in vascular access outcomes.
  • Discuss your current Vascular Access outcomes in your monthly QAPI or QI meetings.
  • Strive to achieve a Long-Term Catheter use rate below 10% if possible. Set achievable monthly/quarterly/annual goals!
  • Qsource ESRD Networks are available to assist with performing root cause analyses (RCA), to support your data reporting through technical assistance, and to provide assistance with utilizing strategies that incorporate simultaneous patient and staff vascular access management education.

Recommended Instructions for Ensuring All Vascular Access Data is Submitted

Use the EQRS Dashboard Screen (i.e. the first screen you see when you access CROWNWeb) to look for any missing Vascular Access “Clinical” Data.  The EQRS Dashboard will let you jump right to the record that needs attention.

Step 1: Sign onto CROWNWeb.

Step 2: The first screen you see will be the EQRS Dashboard … scroll to the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: Look for the Clinical Data “Due this month ” (which will be data from 2 months ago.  If today’s date is July, we are submitting May 2020 data)

Step 4: [CLICK] in this area. NOTE: you may have “0” (zero) records due!

Step 5: The area to the right of the navigation panel will refresh with the detail for the Clinical Data Records.

Step 6: You can filter by specific Collection Type — pick Vascular Access (VA) from the drop down

Step 7: Click on the link on the far-right side of the screen for that patient’s record. The CROWNWeb Clinical Data screen will appear.

Step 8: Enter the required screen elements.

Step 9: Select [Submit] at the bottom of the screen.  Make sure you receive a “data submitted” message.

Things to remember

  • Every unit should be reporting at least 95% of their patients’ vascular access data every month
  • Units that report less than 95% of their data each month WILL BE REQUIRED to identify the root causes and resolve the issues to improve their reporting rate.
  • Data found on this report was finalized the last day of the previous month – changes made after this date will not be displayed.
  • Reducing the use of Long-Term Catheters (i.e., catheters in use for 90 days or longer) is now a NATION-WIDE initiative per CMS.

We recognize that the focus at your dialysis facility continues to be on providing safe and effective treatments for your dialysis patients during the COVID-19 crisis. To the extent your staff and facility have capacity to support the CROWNWeb data collection and ESRD QIP efforts, we hope this feedback will be helpful.